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Virtual Exhibition at Alanis Gallery

I’ve just been to see my Erotic and Fetish photography work in a virtual exhibition in a gallery in Second Life. The gallery is called Alanis Gallery Sensual Images and is located at Xaara (64,207,25). It is owned by fellow artist Sylvia Fitzpatrick, during my visit I took my camera along and managed some virtual snaps, which you can see below. Sylvia has done a wonderful job with laying out my images for this initial exhibition, with plans to refresh the exhibition on a regular basis. All work is for sale so you can own a virtual John Tisbury work of art as well as a real one, surely the best of both worlds!

My virtual exhibition

Background on Second LIfe

If you’ve not heard of Second Life, by Linden Lab, it was launched in 2003 and has since grown to become the virtual world leader—owning 90 percent of the market—with a profitable, stable, and growing business. Eighteen million people have registered in Second Life from over 150 countries and this virtual world work solution has already been chosen by hundreds of enterprises, governments, and educational institutions.