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Winner of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine Annual Photography Contest

I’ve just been advised by Carrie Leigh owner and editor of NUDE magazine that I’ve won the grand prize in Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine Annual Photography Contest, with a prize of $250, the winning image is show below.

Joceline in the office

Link to the results:http://www.carrieleigh.com/Ncontest.html

Link to all the winning images: http://www.carrieleigh.com/2010Contest/Default.html

The image was shot in an abandoned shoe factory in Northampton, UK. The room was one of the offices which had a safe in it and gorgeous oak panelling. Joceline Brooke-Hamilton is the model and it was shot with the Broncolor Mobile2 flash with a Fresnel attachment on the lamp head.

I’m really pleased to win but also a little embarrassed as I won this same competition last year with the image below, titled Nude on the Beach.

Maria Eriksson in Nude on the Beach

However, I’m even more pleased as they have asked me to be a judge in future competitions, which is awesome news too.