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Lighting Lesson with John Tisbury

The following article was taken from Clover’s blog which I’ve re-produced in full with her permission. The original post can be found. A lighting Lesson with John Tisbury http://kinkyclover.com/index.php/2012/08/29/lighting-lesson-with-john-tisbury/

Lighting Lesson with John Tisbury

Last week I had my very first official lighting lesson with John Tisbury, I have had help from some very talented friends and mentors such as China Hamilton, Paul Alexander, David Lawrence and Tim Rosier who all have very different styles and approaches to photography. This was my very first proper lighting tuition. I have to say it was worth it and can not recommend learning from John Tisbury enough. I was expecting to learn a few things but I learnt much more than I ever anticipated, even how to get sharper images.

It was a challenge as I am not used to directing art nude models but I had Lizzie Spritz working with me for the day and even though this is a first for her too (art nude) I think she did exceptionally well and worked hard throughout the shoot.

The options for the day were to work in his studio for the day or work in mine. To show John exactly what I was working with from space and equipment limitations to lack of lighting knowledge. John was wonderful, I have modelled for him quite a few times but I was nervous having such a great photographer watching me work, particularly given everything I do is pretty much made up and done because it simply looks good to my eye.

John began by asking me to set up my lights how I usually would, so I did, he then went on to explain a bit about the lighting I was using and how to create some different effects and looks with it. For most of the day Lizzie was standing straight for the images, as I wanted to see exactly where the light was falling the what we were creating, towards the end of the day we got more creative and think we got some great images.

I learned how to created different lighting effects which I would usually create in post production, so this day has reduced my editing significantly, increased the quality of my images hopefully and given me much more to work with.

If you are looking to learn more about light, I highly recommend learning from John Tisbury, who is an excellent teacher, patient and explains things very well while allowing the student to explore a bit on their own. I would really recommend booking John for a day or attending one of his highly sought after lighting classes.

Clover X x