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My artwork exclusively at PurePossesion.com

PurePossession.com is the world’s first online fetish art gallery, bringing together the cream of the world’s fetish photographers for the first time. Their artworks are sold exclusively by us and shipped to your door in discreet packaging free of charge, wherever in the world you live.

Carefully curated and printed on the highest quality stretched canvas and fine art paper, PurePossession draws kink out from the murky corners of your mind onto the bright, well-lit walls of your home. The gallery’s founder Jessica Howe sees it as an opportunity you, our audience, to explore the world of fetish, and perhaps even uncover your own secret desires:

“At last, people can decorate the walls of their homes with some of their more outrageous fantasies. And that, my friends, is sure to start some interesting dinner conversations!”


Some of my work sold exclusively by PurePossesion.com can be found here: