Bondage Gallery

A selection of bondage related images that I’ve taken. Ropework and photography is mine.


3 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. Graeme Stokes

    Great work John, do you have any tips for me I am trying to do similar work in Australia, we are in the Fetish scene over here and just starting to make friends so you never know I may get some work out of it. Your work is very tasteful and well done.

    Graeme Stokes

    1. John Tisbury

      Hi Graeme

      Getting into the scene is very useful, even if like me you don’t practise it, as it allows you understand the subtleties of the ‘rules’ and ‘good practises’ that underpin the scene. I feel the more you understand the more your pictures will speak to your audience. I learnt bondage for that very reason, I wanted to understand how to tie properly, not only from a safety point of view, but also to understand the process, the psychology and feelings that go with being tied up, and untied. So immerse yourself in the scene which will open your eyes to the creativity that exists.

      Have fun.

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