CR427 Cobra Replica

YouTube video CR427 Cobra Replica

Pop over to my YouTube channel and see the just released video about a CR427 Cobra replica. It is a brief glimpse, 5 mins of brief,  into the car and it’s history. Ordered in 1997 and completed at the end of 1999. The video covers some of the details about the car, as well as some footage of it being driven. Hearing a V8 on song is a wonderful sound. There’s some great sequences with the car on hard acceleration or driving by the camera position. 

The car is very faithful to the original road cars, with rear entry exhausts, rather than the more popular side exhausts. The kit is from a company called Crendon, borne from the vision of John Kerr. 

Crendon Cobra

YouTube video link:

Finished in Guardsman blue with the white skink stripes, as per the originals. At first glance, to the uninitiated it looks like an original. It’s often the first question people ask me. It was the second kit car I ever built, and the last one.

I would have loved to build a GT40, but they are a little more impractical and the kit I wanted to purchase would have set me back £60K back in 1999! 

how to make a Camera obscura

Camera Obscura make your own

John shows you how to make a camera obscura or pinhole camera. John shows you how he converts his studio into a darkened room (camera obscura). Then open a small hole in the blackout material to act as a rudimentary lens. The light then floods into the room and displays the outside in realtime in the room. The results are spectacular and captivating.

camera obscura in my studio

Link to my YouTube video:

You get to see inside a camera!

Where can I see one working in the UK?

There are many camera obscure’s around the world. In the UK there’s around 10 working examples:

1. Brighton/Hove, England

2. Lacock, England (future page) Talbot Museum and Lacock Abbey

3. Bristol, England

4. Aberystwyth, Wales

5. Douglas, Isle of Man

6. Dumfries, Scotland

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

8. Bradford, England, Museum of Photography, Film, and Television

9. London, England, Museum of the Moving Image

10. Greenwich, England

and of course, there’s one in my studio, but you’ve seen that now!





Latest YouTube video

Latest YouTube video now live

I’ve just uploaded my latest YouTube video to my channel.  It’s a explanation of the equipment I use to record my YouTube videos.  This gear is mainly used when shooting videos in my studio or in the edit suite. It’s not very mobile, in fact it’s not at all mobile!

Mobility is an area to investigate for the future. I’m unable to do ‘run and gun’ type VLOG videos at present. My equipment is all manual focus, too heavy and not portable. I’ve been looking at the Sony AR7 III so will let you know how that pans out.

I’m adapting my GoPro Hero6 to bring that into action. This will be a temporary measure I think. I need to improve the sound capture as the internal microphone is very poor leading to poor audio on the video. Once you’ve captured poor sound there’s no real way to fix it. 

Link to the YouTube video:

Latest YouTube video - my youtube video setup

List of gear I use

Many people like to know what gear and equipment others use. So here’s my list with relevant links to products on Amazon.  Some items are discontinued or have been replaced by newer models. Therefore I’ve only given links current items at the time of this post. 


Nikon D810 DSLR full frame sensor cameras x 2
Running at 1080p 24 FPS, F5.6 as ISO 400

Samyang T1.5 85mm

Samyang T1.5 50mm lenses, manual focus

Sennheiser MKE400 shotgun microphones on cameras x 2

Zacuto EVF, Follow Focus and Quick Release plate, flexible arm

Manfrotto video tripods and 501HDV heads x 2

Manfrotto Xpro monopod with swivel foot & video head


IKAN LED 1000 x 2
IKAN LED 500 x 1


Audio Technica AT897 shotgun microphone on overhead boom stand

ZOOM H4n audio recorder

Sound Devices MixPre-D compact field mixer




How to fold up a pop up backdrop

New video launched, how to fold up a pop up backdrop and reflector

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a new video showing how to fold up a pop up backdrop or reflector. You know the ones which often defy the laws of physics and have a mind of their own. This technique is easy to master and makes you fold up like a pro.

There’s two parts to the video. The first part shows how to fold a 4′ circular pop up reflector, which is fairly straightforward. Then we move onto how to fold the larger 8′ x 4′ backdrops / reflectors. These are a little trickier as they are larger and perhaps a little more unwieldy. However, with the right technique they can very quickly be tamed and put in their storage bag.

Video duration is 3:44 in length, so not too long. It shows you a couple of examples of each technique and then a slow motion sequence for each type of backdrop too. I know, I know, I spoil you.

My YouTube channel

Do drop by and have a look at my YouTube channel. I’ve been adding content to it over the last couple of weeks and plan to do a regular weekly update. I’ve written a blog post about what I plan to upload and concentrate on so rather than repeat that here, here’s a link to that article

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YouTube channel

YouTube channel updated

I’ve just re-vitilised my YouTube channel. I started it over 5 years ago, uploaded a couple of videos and then left it dormant! So I thought now’s the time to make a new push by brining it up to date and start using it again.

What will I upload?

I thought it was an ideal platform to use for instructional and tutorial videos. I’ve been working on new content and have already uploaded a range of videos over the past 8 weeks. So pop over and have a look and subscribe to the channel. 

I plan to concentrate on content I like to shoot and talk about. So cars, girls both for a photography and cinematography perspective. There are many channels on YouTube that already cover this type of content, which means I need to have a different angle. I plan to concentrate on what I’m known for. Shooting erotica, fetish and art-nude content, which is rather tricky to show on YouTube, so we will see how we get on!

I’m also planning to shoot more car footage of my Chevy 57 and Crendon Cobra. I’m planning to use more drone footage and show how to use cameras, drones and video to help bring these cars and models to life. This type of material is always popular and people want to know how to shoot them. 

Roxy and 57 Chevy
Roxy and 57 Chevy

Behind the scenes setups and step by steps will also be in the mix. Please click the link below and have a look at the channel. Please feel free to comment below on the type of things you’d like to see on the channel. 

My YouTube channel as of today

Below is a screenshot of my YouTube channel as it stands today. 7 videos, with many more planned. 

John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel

When you are next browsing YouTube then do drop by my channel and see what you think. I have a few more videos to edit and upload which will appear of the coming weeks. 

I want to make sure the content I upload is of a high standard, both in terms of the camerawork and audio. As a result it does take quite some time to pull together a professional video to this standard.  

John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel