Time-lapse trials and tribulations

YouTube Time-lapse trials and tribulations video

I’ve just uploaded a new YouTube video which covers a time-lapse sequences. It also takes you through the time-lapse trials and tribulations that I went through to capture it.  3 goes to get it as it happens.

This was shot whilst I was in Wales in May 2018. It’s interesting to see the different weather conditions over the course of a few days on this video. In the video I cover the equipment I used to capture the time-lapse.

I’m still getting used to the iFootage equipment. The good thing about being on holiday is you get lots of practise over a very short space of time. So plenty of repetition and the ability to change or re-do things if the first attempt does not come up to scratch. I had a lot of that over this holiday! 

Capturing the image is only half of the process. I needed to learn the post processing workflow too. Thank fully YouTube is your friend here.  I ended up watching loads of different videos from people who shared their knowledge and information about how they captured and produced their time-lapses. 

I will cover the post production steps I take in another video so the duration is not too long for each video. This one is 10 minutes in duration which is about right for most people.