how to make a Camera obscura

Camera Obscura make your own

John shows you how to make a camera obscura or pinhole camera. John shows you how he converts his studio into a darkened room (camera obscura). Then open a small hole in the blackout material to act as a rudimentary lens. The light then floods into the room and displays the outside in realtime in the room. The results are spectacular and captivating.

camera obscura in my studio

Link to my YouTube video:

You get to see inside a camera!

Where can I see one working in the UK?

There are many camera obscure’s around the world. In the UK there’s around 10 working examples:

1. Brighton/Hove, England

2. Lacock, England (future page) Talbot Museum and Lacock Abbey

3. Bristol, England

4. Aberystwyth, Wales

5. Douglas, Isle of Man

6. Dumfries, Scotland

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

8. Bradford, England, Museum of Photography, Film, and Television

9. London, England, Museum of the Moving Image

10. Greenwich, England

and of course, there’s one in my studio, but you’ve seen that now!