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Brand new YouTube video single studio light setup

Charley Green joins me and we talk through 5 common lighting patterns for a single studio light setup.  Together we show you the setups and what the images will look like using this setup which takes that guess work out for you.

Extract from YouTube’s description for the video:

Today we’re going to talk through single studio light setup and show you 5 different lighting patterns. We discuss and show the characteristics of those patterns and what they are good for. I spend a lot of my time in the studio using just the one light. So I thought it would be useful to walk you through the 5 most common setups for a single light.

These 5 lighting patterns are:

• Flat lighting

• Butterfly lighting

• Loop lighting

• Rembrandt lighting

• Split lighting

To make it easier for you to see the differences between each pattern on the video we’re going to use a hard light source to emphasise the contrast between the highlight to shadow areas on Charley’s face. So bare that in-mind. These patterns work equally well with softer diffused light as well as adding bounces and reflectors to soften the shadows. Lighting equipment used in this video: *ARRI* 650 watt tungsten fresnel lens

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