Scarlot Rose images

New Scarlot Rose images

Scarlot Rose with rope

Brand new images from a recent shoot with Scarlot Rose. We concentrated on a shooting fetish and erotica content over a 5 hour session. We changed setups frequently and targeted to get 1 to 3 images per setup. Customers can purchase these as prints. The images will also be used for exhibitions and promotion across social media (where allowed!). 

In the gallery below are some of the edited images. There’s still a few more to edit, which means more new images to see! However, I thought you’d like to see how we got on and the images that we produced. 

Scarlot is very adept at tying so she put her skills to good use and tied all of the Shibari bondage that you see here. For me this was ideal as it allowed time to set everything up whilst she was producing the tie. 

Gallery of Scarlot Rose

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