YouTube channel

YouTube channel updated

I’ve just re-vitilised my YouTube channel. I started it over 5 years ago, uploaded a couple of videos and then left it dormant! So I thought now’s the time to make a new push by brining it up to date and start using it again.

What will I upload?

I thought it was an ideal platform to use for instructional and tutorial videos. I’ve been working on new content and have already uploaded a range of videos over the past 8 weeks. So pop over and have a look and subscribe to the channel. 

I plan to concentrate on content I like to shoot and talk about. So cars, girls both for a photography and cinematography perspective. There are many channels on YouTube that already cover this type of content, which means I need to have a different angle. I plan to concentrate on what I’m known for. Shooting erotica, fetish and art-nude content, which is rather tricky to show on YouTube, so we will see how we get on!

I’m also planning to shoot more car footage of my Chevy 57 and Crendon Cobra. I’m planning to use more drone footage and show how to use cameras, drones and video to help bring these cars and models to life. This type of material is always popular and people want to know how to shoot them. 

Roxy and 57 Chevy
Roxy and 57 Chevy

Behind the scenes setups and step by steps will also be in the mix. Please click the link below and have a look at the channel. Please feel free to comment below on the type of things you’d like to see on the channel. 

My YouTube channel as of today

Below is a screenshot of my YouTube channel as it stands today. 7 videos, with many more planned. 

John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel

When you are next browsing YouTube then do drop by my channel and see what you think. I have a few more videos to edit and upload which will appear of the coming weeks. 

I want to make sure the content I upload is of a high standard, both in terms of the camerawork and audio. As a result it does take quite some time to pull together a professional video to this standard.  

John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel
John Tisbury Photography YouTube channel


10 top tips for improving

10 top tips video launched

I’ve just launched a new video covering 10 top tips for improving your modelling or photography. 

Full-time professional model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton and I talk through 10 things that we feel help us to be a better photographer or model. We share our experiences and knowledge which means we can hopefully help you. The video is quite lengthy at 19 minutes long because we wanted to cover quite a few ideas and suggestions. As a result we hope the content and discussion will prove beneficial to you. From experience I’ve found that most people on YouTube prefer videos of around 10 minutes in duration. 

10 top tips for improving your modelling or photography video

We had great fun shooting this and working on this instructional series together. I’m sure we will get together again and shoot some more tutorial based content. In addition to this video our previous video, working with models can be found here:

You can beat experience and doing things first hand. Joceline has been a full time professional model for a long while. I won’t say how long as a gentleman never lets on. I’ve been shooting erotica and fetish content since 2004. Both of us have a good depth of knowledge and experience that we are happy with share with others. We certainly don’t know it all, but happy to pass on what works for us. 

10 top tips for improving your modelling or photography

From a shoot with Joceline.

10 top tips for improving your modelling or photography – how was this shot?

I will create a few behind the scenes videos on how these instructional videos were shot and perhaps edited too. I’ve already had a few people asking about the setup, cameras, microphones, lighting and so on. It’s good to know that people are interested in a variety of subjects so do drop me comments and leave comments below in the video on YouTube and I’ll pick them up. 

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Working with models video launched

Just launched a working with models video

I just released a working with models video with friend and full-time model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton. In it we discuss our views, offer tips and helpful ideas when working with photography models. As a result your photography session should get off on the right foot, and give you a good set of final images you can both be proud of. 

A great expressions from yours truly!

The video covers the main worries, issues and discussion points that come up time and time again between models and photographers which therefore should help you to get the best from your session.

Check out our latest video covering 10 top tips for modelling and photography.


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