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Moving around the light for better results

My latest YouTube video is about moving around the light for better results. Launched on Monday 26th March 2018.

In the tutorial video I show you a tried and tested approach, using practical examples and realtime examples why moving around the light will yield better results. Looking at how the light falls onto your model or subject and moving around to view the light from different angles has a huge impact on the final image. It gives you choice, options and alternatives.

I show you how the light looks from different angles and leaves you to decide which is best for you. The photographs taken during this video are shown in the video so you can see exactly what the lighting looks like as John moves around. It’s a great insight into how light changes depending upon the angle you shoot from.

The three variables I talk about are:

1. the model

2. the lights

3. the photographer.

All of these 3 variables can move. This means it opens up a massive opportunity to explore creativity and try different looks and lighting patterns from different positions and angles.

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