How to fold up a pop up backdrop

New video launched, how to fold up a pop up backdrop and reflector

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a new video showing how to fold up a pop up backdrop or reflector. You know the ones which often defy the laws of physics and have a mind of their own. This technique is easy to master and makes you fold up like a pro.

There’s two parts to the video. The first part shows how to fold a 4′ circular pop up reflector, which is fairly straightforward. Then we move onto how to fold the larger 8′ x 4′ backdrops / reflectors. These are a little trickier as they are larger and perhaps a little more unwieldy. However, with the right technique they can very quickly be tamed and put in their storage bag.

Video duration is 3:44 in length, so not too long. It shows you a couple of examples of each technique and then a slow motion sequence for each type of backdrop too. I know, I know, I spoil you.

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