CR427 Cobra Replica

YouTube video CR427 Cobra Replica

Pop over to my YouTube channel and see the just released video about a CR427 Cobra replica. It is a brief glimpse, 5 mins of brief,  into the car and it’s history. Ordered in 1997 and completed at the end of 1999. The video covers some of the details about the car, as well as some footage of it being driven. Hearing a V8 on song is a wonderful sound. There’s some great sequences with the car on hard acceleration or driving by the camera position. 

The car is very faithful to the original road cars, with rear entry exhausts, rather than the more popular side exhausts. The kit is from a company called Crendon, borne from the vision of John Kerr. 

Crendon Cobra

YouTube video link:

Finished in Guardsman blue with the white skink stripes, as per the originals. At first glance, to the uninitiated it looks like an original. It’s often the first question people ask me. It was the second kit car I ever built, and the last one.

I would have loved to build a GT40, but they are a little more impractical and the kit I wanted to purchase would have set me back £60K back in 1999! 

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