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Become a Patron for my art

I’ve recently set up a Patronage page for my art. The page is on a website where likeminded creators and supports of art come together and work together. This article explains how to become a Patron and what benefits you get from supporting my art.

I’ve uploaded my introduction video for Patreon. It’s a 2 minute video which explains what Patreon is and the benefit to you if you support me by becoming a patron. It covers some of the rewards available to patrons and gives a few samples of my work.
Please feel free to spread the word and ask any questions. Above all, I’d love for you to become a Patron and support my creative work with your patronage.
Many thanks to Joceline Brooke-Hamilton for looking after the video camera on this video. 

My Rewards structure

Below are the rewards I’ve put in place. As you see, rewards start from as little as $1 per month! You can cancel at any time without any penalties, apart from missing out on my new content! 

I’m first let me see… $1 or more per month
So what do you get?

  • Early pre-release visibility of my new works. Links will appear on my Patreon page for you to view the new works
  • Access to most Patreon-only posts
  • The warm glow that you’re supporting art and creativity
Discounts by golly $5 or more per month
What discounts?

  • Get discounts on my works, new and old! Yup that’s right, you get it cheaper
  • Exclusive Patron only flash sales of vintage Tisbury works
  • Access to Patreon-only posts
  • An even warmer glow that you’re supporting art and creativity
  • Plus the previous reward
Let me critique your photography $10 or more per month 
Send me your work

  • Each month send up to 10 photographic images that you’ve taken for critique
  • Each image will receive and full review and helpful ideas and suggestions on potential improvements and areas to consider
  • Offer of an unsigned copy of John Tisbury’s Curves book at a 50% price reduction (+P&P)
  • Plus all previous rewards
Learning and knowledge $15 or more per month
Exclusive Patreon only posts for your $15 tier covering topics like:

  • A selection of ‘How-to’ articles, videos on photographic and video techniques
  • Different learning styles catered for; videos,  step-by-step demonstrations, written articles
  • Video clips, PDF downloads 
  • Short bite sized sessions
  • Regular updates
  • Rotation of content to keep feed fresh and current
  • Plus all previous rewards
Behind the scenes $30 or more per month
Exclusive Patreon only posts for your $30 tier covering topics like:

  • Learn and experience what happens behind the scenes at one of my shoots
  • See exclusive images and background dialogue, even video clips of what goes on
  • Be that fly on the wall
  • How to’s and explanation of approach and techniques
  • Exclusive offers of vintage Tisbury prints, with special offers like buy one get one free
  • Plus all previous rewards

Support my art

Please consider becoming a supporter of my art via Patron. Choose the reward level that works for you. Rewards have differing financial levels and benefits. It’s a win-win for us both.

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