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Photography tuition for photographers of all experience. Covering studio lighting and using a photography studio.

2 places remaining on Sunday 11th May workshop

I’ve just had a last minute cancellation for my studio lighting workshop on Sunday, I have 2 places remaining.

I am running a small group workshop for 4 photographers on Sunday 11th May and there’s 1 place remaining. Don’t miss out as I don’t run too many sessions over the course of the year, only 4 planned for this year, 1 sold out already and only 1 place remaining on this session.

Book today herehttp://www.johntisbury.co.uk/photography-workshops.htm

Our model for the workshop is the talented Jenny Fozzard, see below:

Jenny Fozzard

Jenny Fozzard

Jenny Fozzard

Jenny Fozzard

Jenny Fozzard

Jenny Fozzard

Lighting Lesson with John Tisbury

The following article was taken from Clover’s blog which I’ve re-produced in full with her permission. The original post can be found http://kinkyclover.com/index.php/2012/08/29/lighting-lesson-with-john-tisbury/

Lighting Lesson with John Tisbury

Last week I had my very first official lighting lesson with John Tisbury, I have had help from some very talented friends and mentors such as China Hamilton, Paul Alexander, David Lawrence and Tim Rosier who all have very different styles and approaches to photography. This was my very first proper lighting tuition. I have to say it was worth it and can not recommend learning from John Tisbury enough. I was expecting to learn a few things but I learnt much more than I ever anticipated, even how to get sharper images.

It was a challenge as I am not used to directing art nude models but I had Lizzie Spritz working with me for the day and even though this is a first for her too (art nude) I think she did exceptionally well and worked hard throughout the shoot.

The options for the day were to work in his studio for the day or work in mine. To show John exactly what I was working with from space and equipment limitations to lack of lighting knowledge. John was wonderful, I have modelled for him quite a few times but I was nervous having such a great photographer watching me work, particularly given everything I do is pretty much made up and done because it simply looks good to my eye.

John began by asking me to set up my lights how I usually would, so I did, he then went on to explain a bit about the lighting I was using and how to create some different effects and looks with it. For most of the day Lizzie was standing straight for the images, as I wanted to see exactly where the light was falling the what we were creating, towards the end of the day we got more creative and think we got some great images.

I learned how to created different lighting effects which I would usually create in post production, so this day has reduced my editing significantly, increased the quality of my images hopefully and given me much more to work with.

If you are looking to learn more about light, I highly recommend learning from John Tisbury, who is an excellent teacher, patient and explains things very well while allowing the student to explore a bit on their own. I would really recommend booking John for a day or attending one of his highly sought after lighting classes.

Clover X x



Speaking at Eroticon 2013

For those of you with a great memory you will remember I spoke at the first Eroticon held in 2012 and what a great success that day was. Boosted by the success of this event it’s back and this time for a whole weekend!

So what is Eroticon?

Eroticon is the UK’s only conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. 2012 was the inaugral year and 2013 will be bigger and better.

If you are sex writer, blogger, editor, publisher, journalist, performer or artist Eroticon 2013 will be the networking event of the year. Meet with like minded people and leading voices of the erotic industries, make new contacts and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Eroticon 2013 will be a two day event held in London and will play host to a weekend of inspiring, sexy and creative sessions to help you write sex right.

To find out what other speakers and events are on over the weekend have a look at the website. From here you can also order your tickets http://eroticon.writesexright.com/

Date: Saturday 2nd March and Sunday 3rd March

Location: Coin Street neighbourhood centre, 108 Stamford Street, SE1 9NH

1 space remaining – studio lighting photography workshop

Update 16/06/2012: This workshop is now fully booked

My next small group studio lighting workshop for Saturday 7th July has one remaining space available.

All tuition and training sessions offer:

  • A chance to develop your style with John’s technical guidance and tuition
  • Training on how to use lights. Starting with one light. Explore the effects that reflectors, flags, bounces, grids and barn doors have on light
  • Different lighting setups for different effects; soft and hard light
  • Experiment with flash and continuous lighting and ringflash
  • Learn how to work with a model from concept to final shot
  • How to develop ideas, concepts and creativity
  • The use of Elinchrom, Broncolor and ARRI studio kit, inc. ringflash, large lightbanks, softboxes, soft eggbox grids, fresnel spots, snoots and so on
  • The use of a Nikon D3 or D7000 and Nikon pro lenses if required
  • Shoot a professional model in a purpose built studio environment
  • Signed model release for all images if required
  • Snacks and beverages throughout the day and a full sit-down lunch. Learning on an empty stomach is no fun; many delegates say lunch was the best bit of the day!
  • Model for the session it KatyCee
  • Session times 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Maximum of 4 delegates per session giving you time to learn and practise
  • £250 per delegate

Book now

Images from a previous workshop

Studio Lighting Workshop – delegate’s results

In April I ran another one of my popular small group Studio Lighting Workshops and the four photographers really enjoyed the day – or at least that’s what they told me! Joceline Brooke-Hamilton was on hand to take care of the modelling skills which she always does with aplomb.

We ran through a number of different lighting setups, styles and techniques throughout the course of the day which included:

Single light setups

  • Hard light
  • Soft light
  • Grids
  • Constant light with fresnel lens
  • Studio Flash light
  • Use of reflectors
  • Flags and bounces
  • Ringflash

Two light setups

  • Indirect bounced light
  • Black bounces
  • Reflectors
  • Strip softboxes with egg box grids

Three light setups

  • Using coloured gels

I always undertake a number of review sessions throughout the day so we all get a change to look at our own work on a large screen, plus it’s a chance to look at each others. Most often we learn as much during the review sessions as we do whilst shooting, it’s also great opportunity to see how different we all are. It never ceases to surprise me that each person comes away with a different shot from what is an identical setup – creativity at its best!

Anyway, I’m sure you want to look at the images! Below are the images submitted by the delegates and I’m sure you’ll agree there are a wide range of styles and personal creativity in all the images supplied.

Shot by Mick: Joceline lit by three lights

Images from recent Photography Workshop

I’ve received some images taken by delegates who attended my most recent Photography Workshop in February and thought you’d like to see the results they achieved. I feel it’s so much better for you to see the images that the delegates took then you can see that if you attended a session you too can capture the same type, style and level of images. The images are from throughout the day and show some of the various lighting set ups I demonstrated. I hope it shows you that you can learn new skills, knowledge and techniques, have fun and take home some wonderful images too.

Thank you to Peter, Mick and Martin for letting my share their images with you, I’ve also added some unsolicited feedback from them after the workshop.

If you’d like to attend the one of my next workshops then click here. next dates 17th March and 14th April 2012.

Unsolicited delegate comments from this session:

“Thank you so much for the photo workshop last Saturday. I think I probably learned more in one day than I have in the past 2 years messing about in studios. Not only that it was also great fun (I have done another shoot since a great improvement on my normal work!). If you would also pass on my thanks to Joceline an absolutely great model to work with, you two make a good team! I would like to talk to her at some stage about a SiFi themed shoot.

Last but not least could I  also thank your good lady for looking after us all so well.  The absolute best Bakewell Tart ever!!”

“Just a quick note to thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was very, very useful and I learnt a huge amount that will certainly help me to develop my personal skills. I thought your teaching skill and style were exceptional ,the course content , pace and the way that you organised everything was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. If you ever develop a course geared around creativity and specific image making explaining the full process from concept to delivery of final images I would be very interested.

I also have to say that your choice of model was brilliant, I found Joceline to be very beautiful , extremely talented, helpful and engaging and made everyone feel comfortable and all in all she was simply amazing. Please also thank you wife for the excellent dinner and I have to say your overall package is far superior to anything that I have been to before. (I have been to workshops with some very well known people in the past).

I have now loaded my images and will let you have a few once I have processed and tweaked them and after an quick initial view some cropping and minor changes are all that the majority need so I have achieved more “in camera” than I usually do and this will be a huge benefit to me as I develop so I can say that there have been some instant improvements from attending your workshop. It was great working with you and I look forwards to the next time but thanks once again for a great day, I certainly came away with quite a buzz.”

“I had a great time at your workshop, Joceline was an excellent choice and really came into her own on the last shoot displaying a range of poses to suit the chosen outfits from your collection. Your lighting instruction and review of our images was really helpful I was also enlightened with your tips on how to get the best out of your model and discussion with Joceline on what shoots are like from the models perspective was really insightful.

I have learnt loads and found they day extremely educational, and enjoyable.  Mrs T’s banquet was something else, do thank her too.”

Shot by Mick: Joceline lit by 2 heads

Studio lighting workshops, 4 delegates max – tutor John Tisbury – Sat 14th April, Rushden, Northamptonshire

I’ve just released the last dates that I plan to run my studio lighting workshops for 2012.

Intermediate Studio Lighting Workshops

Level: Intermediate

Who should attend:

These sessions are for photographers who would like to add to their existing studio skills and knowledge. If you are comfortable setting your camera to manual and triggering lights then this session will take you to the next stage. There will be a refresher session to make sure everyone starts at the same level of knowledge, so don’t worry if you’ve not used a studio light before.

Session contents:

  • A quick re-cap on the basics
  • Exploring different types of light; hard, soft, direct, indirect
  • Exploring different types of studio light, flash, constant, ringflash
  • Using more than one light
  • Directing and working with models
  • Full-time professional model working to full frontal nude
  • 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Lunch and all beverages included

Number of delegates: 4

Duration: 10.00am – 17.00pm

Cost: £250 per person

Dates: Saturday 14th April (3 places available)

Book now: http://www.johntisbury.co.uk/photography-workshops.htm

Location: My Studio, Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK


Small group studio lighting workshop

In June I ran another ever popular small group workshop, these sessions cater for a maximum of 4 delegates and are held in my studio. Our model for the day was KatyCee, who is a fabulous and experienced full-time model. Jill, my wife, looked after the catering side of things which she does with much panache and skill.

The session takes delegates through various lighting set-ups and styles with the aim to show different lighting setups but more importantly for the delegates to be able to re-create the setups next time they are in a studio or at home. For this session we also got the opportunity to use my new Lighttools Soft Egg Crates with their stretch frames http://www.lighttools.com/ which had just arrived from Canada. Below I’ve included some of my images from the session with an explanation of how each of them was lit and what equipment was used. Finally, I’ve added a gallery at the end of this post to showcase the images submitted by the delegates who attended the session.


1. KatyCee was lit by two 130cm x 50cm Elinchrom softboxes each fitted with Lighttools 30 degree soft egg crates. Powered by two 400BX Elinchrom heads. A very simple yet effective setup that gives pleasing shadows to add contouring, shape and form to Katy. The softlight from the softbox remains controllable due to the egg crates allowing you to control the direction of the light as well as spill.


2. The control you can get with the egg crates is superb, in the short time I’ve used them they have allowed me to review and re-appraise my lighting approach of how I light my subjects giving me more tools to light subjects with.

3. Another setup used the grey painted wall in my studio which we lit with Lee coloured gels. In the example below we used two lights set behind KatyCee, each fitted with a pink gel pointing at the grey wall.  You can experiment with the fall off from the colour to grey and either increase of decrease the vignette effect by moving the lights closer or further away from the back wall, as well as changing the direct to which they are pointing. The main front light is a large Elinchrom softbox with a soft egg crate fitted.


4. This next setup uses the ARRI 300w continuous light which comes fitted with a fresnel lens (prouncouned fray-nel). The Fresnel lens was invented by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel originally for lighthouses. In the diagram below, the Fresnel lens 1. is compared to a conventional lens 2. For cinematography and photography the Fresnel lens provides a wonderful light that is very bright and focused but with a very soft-edged beam, so it’s often used as a wash light. In the making of motion pictures, or photography it’s also useful because of its ability to focus the beam brighter than a typical lens, but also because the light is a relatively consistent intensity across the entire width of the beam of light. I’ve provided a link to a short 5 minute science video on the differences between the two types of lens and the advantages of the Fresnel lens over a traditional lens for lighthouse application: http://vega.org.uk/video/programme/226


5. and 6. show a setup that I don’t use too often but does bring wonderful results for body landscapes and art nude. Two lights fitted with wide angle reflectors are positioned directed onto the white backdrop. They are adjusted to F9 – F11 but no more, we are shooting at F8 on the camera. Then around the model is placed black bounces they they bounce black onto the skin. It’s a simple setup and a similar approach is often used in commercial photography when photographing and lighting glassware or spectacles. It gives a black edge or rim to the glass making it stand out against the background. This setup can be a little more challenging to shoot and I often find it gives better results if you shoot tight and close-up rather than trying to go for a three-quarter or full-length shot.



A few comments from the delegates on this last session:

Thank you very much for yesterday’s course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Katie is a stunning model with loads of personality. Also thanks to your wife for an excellent lunch. David

I wanted to thank you for an awesome session at the weekend. …Although I was not as experienced as the other guys! I did, however, pick up loads of info to get me properly started in Studio photography so thank you so much for that! …and could you please pass on my thanks to Jill also for the wonderful food. Rik

It has been a week now since the workshop, it was a fantastic day and the knowledge and your advice has been slowly but surely filtering in, and still is. Thanks again for a tremendous day, I had a great shoot the next day thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm I got from the day with a master. Look forward to working again with you one day in the future. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your fabulous model. Roy

Gallery of images from the delegates attending the workshop, more to come as they edit and send them through to me.


Joceline by Karen Jones

Small Group Photography Tuition Workshop

Below are some of the results from my May Small Group Workshop more images to be added as the delegates send them through.

Thank you to Richard Lund and Karen Jones for sharing their images:

Small Group Workshop – Sat 13th Nov 2010

I’m running a small group photography workshop at my studio in Rushden, UK, covering lighting and techniques for art nude and erotic photography. There will be a maximum of 4 photographers on this session and being a small group I will be able to help with individual needs during the day. We will have a professional model for the day, who will be working to full nude and will sign a model release for any shots.

Joceline and beads

Date: Saturday 13th November 2010
my studio, Rushden, Northants, UK
Workshop contents:
10.00am start tea / coffee- basics of measuring and setting up a studio light- camera and lighting settings- different setups and lighting styles
– working with models- reviewing workLunch- group activity- different lighting setups- individual exercises- review days work5.00pm close
Pre-requisites:This session is aimed at photographers who are familiar with the use of their camera. Previous use of studio or flash photography is not a requirement.
Cost: £240.00 person – £50 deposit secures your place Places are strictly limited and offered on a first come first served basis, there are currently 2 places remaining on this workshop. If you are interested in this session then drop me an email: info@johntisbury.co.uk

Update: session fully booked