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Virtual Exhibition at Alanis Gallery

I’ve just been to see my Erotic and Fetish photography work exhibited in a virtual gallery in Second Life. The gallery is called Alanis Gallery Sensual Images and is located at Xaara (64,207,25). It is owned by fellow artist Sylvia Fitzpatrick, during my visit I took my camera along and managed some virtual snaps, which you can see below. Sylvia has done a wonderful job with laying out my images for this initial exhibition, with plans to refresh the exhibition on a regular basis. All work is for sale so you can own a virtual John Tisbury work of art as well as a real one, surely the best of both worlds!

Background on Second LIfe

If you’ve not heard of Second Life, by Linden Lab, it was launched in 2003 and has since grown to become the virtual world leader—owning 90 percent of the market—with a profitable, stable, and growing business. Eighteen million people have registered in Second Life from over 150 countries and this virtual world work solution has already been chosen by hundreds of enterprises, governments, and educational institutions.

Adreena – TF session

I don’t do many TF (Time For) sessions, about 3 or 4 a year I guess, so I thought I’d post some from a recent TF shoot with Adreena.

Work posted on DeviantArt

The following image titled Desire has been posted on DeviantArt and has been getting loads of views, comments and favs.



Image and comments can be seen here on DeviantArt
http://johntisbury.deviantart.com/art/Desire-181854594 you will need to be a DeviantArt member to view this link, it’s free to join.

Two new books available soon

I’m just towards the end of editing images for two new books that will be available in time for Erotica 2010, the adult lifestyle show in London Olympia at the end of November, 19-21 November. Erotica 2010 link


The first book, titled Triptych, will be a collection of images from a trip to Spain with three models; Iveta, Roswell Ivory and Anita DeBauch. The book will also feature the work of John Evans and Gregory Brown who where the other two photographers on the trip. Each photographer has featured 40 images from the weeks trip making 120 image in total.

Cover of Triptych Book

Triptych book

Triptych book

I will also be updating the popular book of Joceline that I published for last year’s Erotica. This will feature new work that we have done since the initial book was published.

Cover of Joceline Book

Joceline Book

Collaboration – dancer & artist

The second new book, titled Collaboration – dancer & artist, will be a collection of the photographic work I’ve done with KatyCee. She is a wonderful model to work with; I’ve included a few images from the book below:

Collective Arts Worldwide | Home: New Artist! – J. Tisbury

Some of my landscape work has been accepted in a London Exhibition :-)

Collective Arts Worldwide | Home: New Artist! – J. Tisbury: I’m represented by Collective Arts Worldwide with some of my landscape work currently with the aim to expand that to a wider selection of work. Click for website

Some recent headshots

Been using a ARRI light with a fresnel lens on it, which produces a wonderfull Hollywood 40’s look to the light. The fall off from highlight to shadow are is gradual and devine.  Model in these shots is ERosanne.

Shots from Spain trip with 3 models

In March 2010 I went to Spain with three models and two other photographers. The models who came along were:

  • Anita DeBauch
  • Iveta
  • Roswell Ivory

The two photographer friends were, Gregory Brown and John Evans. It’s now set as a regular trip. Gregory and I met on a trip to Spain organised by another photographer and we got on so well we decided to organise our own trip to a different part of Spain. Greg and I had done a long-weekend recce of the Murcia area and managed to plug about 30 locations into the sat nav, plus we often find one or two places whilst we are there. This year John joined our trip for what I hope is the first of many such trips.

Shoot with Cate Harrington

Just finished some edits from a shoot that I did with Cate Harrington, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.