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My Patreon introductory video

My Patreon Introductory video

I’ve just uploaded my Patreon introductory video for Patreon. It’s a short 2 minute video which explains what Patreon is and why support me by becoming a patron. It covers some of the rewards available to patrons and gives a few samples of my work.

Please feel free to spread the word and ask any questions. Above all, I’d love for you to support my creative work with your patronage. Support starts from  just $1 per month. 

Watch the video on YouTube: 


Visit my Patreon Page http://www.patreon.com/johntisbury

I’ve been on the site less that 4 weeks and already have 4 supporters of my work. Please show your appreciation of my work and consider supporting me. The great thing is that’s it’s not all one way traffic. You get something back too. There’s a range of rewards available to you. So pop over to my Patreon page and have a look.