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Studio Lighting Workshop – delegate’s results

In April I ran another one of my popular small group Studio Lighting Workshops and the four photographers really enjoyed the day – or at least that’s what they told me! Joceline Brooke-Hamilton was on hand to take care of the modelling skills which she always does with aplomb.

We ran through a number of different lighting setups, styles and techniques throughout the course of the day which included:

Single light setups

  • Hard light
  • Soft light
  • Grids
  • Constant light with fresnel lens
  • Studio Flash light
  • Use of reflectors
  • Flags and bounces
  • Ringflash

Two light setups

  • Indirect bounced light
  • Black bounces
  • Reflectors
  • Strip softboxes with egg box grids

Three light setups

  • Using coloured gels

I always undertake a number of review sessions throughout the day so we all get a change to look at our own work on a large screen, plus it’s a chance to look at each others. Most often we learn as much during the review sessions as we do whilst shooting, it’s also great opportunity to see how different we all are. It never ceases to surprise me that each person comes away with a different shot from what is an identical setup – creativity at its best!

Anyway, I’m sure you want to look at the images! Below are the images submitted by the delegates and I’m sure you’ll agree there are a wide range of styles and personal creativity in all the images supplied.

The Framing of prints – make or break

I’m a firm believer that the mount and picture frame really sets off an image and in many cases can make or break it. To that end I was really pleased when Prakash emailed me some images of a picture frame he’d made for a print he purchased at Erotica 2011. He’s a carpenter by trade and he’d chosen Walnut to make the frame from. I must say it’s a perfect choice to match the tones in the print – a rare colour print for me too! Below are the images he sent me, there’s also a picture of a desk he made too!

Shot by Mick: Joceline lit by three lights

Images from recent Photography Workshop

I’ve received some images taken by delegates who attended my most recent Photography Workshop in February and thought you’d like to see the results they achieved. I feel it’s so much better for you to see the images that the delegates took then you can see that if you attended a session you too can capture the same type, style and level of images. The images are from throughout the day and show some of the various lighting set ups I demonstrated. I hope it shows you that you can learn new skills, knowledge and techniques, have fun and take home some wonderful images too.

Thank you to Peter, Mick and Martin for letting my share their images with you, I’ve also added some unsolicited feedback from them after the workshop.

If you’d like to attend the one of my next workshops then click here. next dates 17th March and 14th April 2012.

Unsolicited delegate comments from this session:

“Thank you so much for the photo workshop last Saturday. I think I probably learned more in one day than I have in the past 2 years messing about in studios. Not only that it was also great fun (I have done another shoot since a great improvement on my normal work!). If you would also pass on my thanks to Joceline an absolutely great model to work with, you two make a good team! I would like to talk to her at some stage about a SiFi themed shoot.

Last but not least could I  also thank your good lady for looking after us all so well.  The absolute best Bakewell Tart ever!!”

“Just a quick note to thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was very, very useful and I learnt a huge amount that will certainly help me to develop my personal skills. I thought your teaching skill and style were exceptional ,the course content , pace and the way that you organised everything was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. If you ever develop a course geared around creativity and specific image making explaining the full process from concept to delivery of final images I would be very interested.

I also have to say that your choice of model was brilliant, I found Joceline to be very beautiful , extremely talented, helpful and engaging and made everyone feel comfortable and all in all she was simply amazing. Please also thank you wife for the excellent dinner and I have to say your overall package is far superior to anything that I have been to before. (I have been to workshops with some very well known people in the past).

I have now loaded my images and will let you have a few once I have processed and tweaked them and after an quick initial view some cropping and minor changes are all that the majority need so I have achieved more “in camera” than I usually do and this will be a huge benefit to me as I develop so I can say that there have been some instant improvements from attending your workshop. It was great working with you and I look forwards to the next time but thanks once again for a great day, I certainly came away with quite a buzz.”

“I had a great time at your workshop, Joceline was an excellent choice and really came into her own on the last shoot displaying a range of poses to suit the chosen outfits from your collection. Your lighting instruction and review of our images was really helpful I was also enlightened with your tips on how to get the best out of your model and discussion with Joceline on what shoots are like from the models perspective was really insightful.

I have learnt loads and found they day extremely educational, and enjoyable.  Mrs T’s banquet was something else, do thank her too.”

Shot by Mick: Joceline lit by 2 heads

Studio lighting workshops, 4 delegates max – tutor John Tisbury – Sat 14th April, Rushden, Northamptonshire

I’ve just released the last dates that I plan to run my studio lighting workshops for 2012.

Intermediate Studio Lighting Workshops

Level: Intermediate

Who should attend:

These sessions are for photographers who would like to add to their existing studio skills and knowledge. If you are comfortable setting your camera to manual and triggering lights then this session will take you to the next stage. There will be a refresher session to make sure everyone starts at the same level of knowledge, so don’t worry if you’ve not used a studio light before.

Session contents:

  • A quick re-cap on the basics
  • Exploring different types of light; hard, soft, direct, indirect
  • Exploring different types of studio light, flash, constant, ringflash
  • Using more than one light
  • Directing and working with models
  • Full-time professional model working to full frontal nude
  • 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Lunch and all beverages included

Number of delegates: 4

Duration: 10.00am – 17.00pm

Cost: £250 per person

Dates: Saturday 14th April (3 places available)

Book now: http://www.johntisbury.co.uk/photography-workshops.htm

Location: My Studio, Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK

Joceline, John Tisbury, BlueSapphire

Post Erotica 2011 show

It’s been a just over a week since Erotica 2011 at Olympia, London. It was great to meet old friends and catch up, but also to meet many online friends for the first time. A massive thank you to all of you who popped by, who purchased items from me and helped to make the show a very successful one for me.

I’ve included some images taken during the Erotica 3 days, they include Joceline Brooke Hamilton and Blue Sapphire who helped to ‘man’ my stand and talk to my customers, plus one or two images of customers who purchased items.

It’s great to show your work at a show like Erotica, but even more so when people buy your work and book you for private commissions and tuition. I’m looking forward to running some fantastic tuition sessions and shooting some wonderful images for customers who booked private commissions with me.

I’m already planning for Erotica 2012, see you there…

Joceline by Karen Jones

Small Group Photography Tuition Workshop

Below are some of the results from my May Small Group Workshop more images to be added as the delegates send them through.

Thank you to Richard Lund and Karen Jones for sharing their images:

Small Group Photography Workshop – SOLD OUT

I’ve just released a date for my next small group photography workshop at my studio, it’s on Saturday 21st May 2011.

These sessions are for up to 4 photographers allowing plenty of time for shooting, reviewing and getting to know everyone – as well as learning! Our model for the day will be Joceline Brook-Hamilton, one of the UK’s top full-time professional models. Joceline and I will be on hand to help you learn and ensure you get the most of the day.

The workshop details:

  • Saturday 21st May 2011
  • 10.00am – 5.00pm
  • Professional model – Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
  • Location, my studio, Rushden, Northamptonshire
  • Lunch & refreshments included
  • £250

We will cover the following topics during the session:

  • Studio flash
  • Constant lighting
  • Different Lighting setups
  • Working with models
  • Directing models
  • Creative ideas

Review and set activities will form part of the day so ensure that when you leave you can put the things you’ve learnt into practise. Sessions are informal yet structured and allow time for questions and discussion.

Some of the equipment available to use is:

  • Elinchrom studio flash heads x 6
  • Broncolor ring flash x 1
  • ARRI constant lighting heads x 5
  • Broncolor Mobil 2 kit x 1
  • Elinchrom 6 foot Octa Softbox x 1
  • Elinchrom 5 foot Recta Softboxes x 2
  • Flats, reflectors (various)
  • Grids, barndoors (various)
  • Umbrellas, snoots (various)
  • Backdrop system and rolls
  • Plenty of props, accessories and clothes

Below are some of my and delegate shots from previous workshops to give you an idea of the type of thing we will be shooting. The style covered during the session will be art-nude and erotic mainly, but we will be doing portraits too.

More details and how to reserve your place can be found on my website at the following page: http://www.johntisbury.co.uk/photography-workshops.htm

A lighting setup that uses black bounces

Mike shooting Iveta using one of the black bounce lighting setups

CharleyG shot using an ARRI constant head

Iveta shot with the Arri and a fresnel lens

Iveta shot with the Arri

CharleyG shot using studio flash

Shot by Andy, backlit with an Arri 300w head


Below are some behind the scenes images taken during one of my previous sessions.

Mark shooting Iveta using the Arri constant light

Mark shooting Iveta using the Arri

David getting down to create interesting angles with Iveta's pose

David getting down to create interesting angles

Mike shooting at a low angle to accentuate Iveta's pose

Mike shooting at a low angle

More details and how to reserve your place can be found on my website at the following page: http://www.johntisbury.co.uk/photography-workshops.htm


Winner of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine Annual Photography Contest

I’ve just been advised by Carrie Leigh owner and editor of NUDE magazine that I’ve won the grand prize in Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine Annual Photography Contest, with a prize of $250, the winning image is show below.

Joceline in the office

Link to the results:http://www.carrieleigh.com/Ncontest.html

Link to all the winning images: http://www.carrieleigh.com/2010Contest/Default.html

The image was shot in an abandoned shoe factory in Northampton, UK. The room was one of the offices which had a safe in it and gorgeous oak panelling. Joceline Brooke-Hamilton is the model and it was shot with the Broncolor Mobile2 flash with a Fresnel attachment on the lamp head.

I’m really pleased to win but also a little embarrassed as I won this same competition last year with the image below, titled Nude on the Beach.

Maria Eriksson in Nude on the Beach

However, I’m even more pleased as they have asked me to be a judge in future competitions, which is awesome news too.

Warehouse shoot with Joceline

Below are some of the shots from the last trip I did at the old shoe warehouse with Joceline, I thought you might like to see them.

There is a range of lighting styles used here, from natural daylight to battery powered flash using the Broncolor Mobil 2 kit with either a bare head or with the fresnel spot attachment.