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When skills combine

I don’t tend to do many TF (Time For) shoots, where both parties give their time for the output, as I often find that the images taken during such sessions are saleable so it makes no commercial sense not to organise the session as a paid shoot in the first instance. However, as ever there are exceptions to that rule and often when it involves trying out equipment, ideas and/or incorporating a lot of suspension bondage work then I opt for TF, providing both parties are in agreement. The time taken to rig and de-rig can limit the content that you can cover during a session, so too fatigue that the model encounters with strenuous ties and positions, so a TF session takes the commercial pressure off the session and allows you to have a free rein.

A model called Gestalta contacted me via Facebook wanting to know if I would like to shoot some shots for her as she does quite a few exhibitions and demonstrations of shibari rigging and did not have any good images of her performances. Trying to get good images during an onstage performance is very difficult as lighting, background and the ability to direct the action are all against you. I’d worked with Gestalta before back in 2009 so she was familiar with my work and I hers, although I was not aware she had become so involved in the rigging and shibari demonstration and exhibition scene. I was happy to go with the TF session as it would be trying out ideas and using rope work extensively throughout the session. For me I’d just had a re-organisation of the studio to give me more width specifically to shoot suspension and want to see how that worked out, as well as shoot some video content for a showreel which I’d not done too well at in the past. I was also keen to expand on one of my underlying themes that I keep returning to of bondage and ballet, a theme I’d first shot with Joceline back in March 2007. Below are some of the images that we took during the session, rigging was a joint affair, or Gestalta or me doing the rigging.

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The Framing of prints – make or break

I’m a firm believer that the mount and picture frame really sets off an image and in many cases can make or break it. To that end I was really pleased when Prakash emailed me some images of a picture frame he’d made for a print he purchased at Erotica 2011. He’s a carpenter by trade and he’d chosen Walnut to make the frame from. I must say it’s a perfect choice to match the tones in the print – a rare colour print for me too! Below are the images he sent me, there’s also a picture of a desk he made too!


Bondage, suspension, Shibari and erotica

I booked KatyCee for a weekend shoot, one day was for her to be our model on one of my tuition days, which she did with much expertise and empathy with the delegates. The second day we got to shoot – which was excellent. I love working with KatyCee as she is an awesome model with great moves, emotion, ideas and creativity. Below are some of the shots we took, they are all lit with my new LightTools Soft Egg Crates fitted to a pair of Elinchrom 50×130 softboxes , this whole setup I am falling in love with. They are so controllable and give a wonderful light source, well I’ll let you all judge for yourselves.

Katy has updated her blog too and it can be found here: A box of Frogs

Lit by 2 Elinchrom softboxes

Implied can be sexy

I set myself a little challenge the other day. I booked a model called Roxy whose maximum levels are implied nude. So armed with this information I wanted to see if I could still shoot around my normal style and still create some erotic, sensual and provocative images. I hope you’ll agree we managed to do this and we had a great session. Most of the images are taken using 1 or 2 Elinchrom softboxes fitted with soft egg crates from Lightools in Canada. Others were taken using ARRI 300 head with a fresnel lens fitted.

Charley G shoot

Charley G is probably better known as a big boobed glamour model, so I knew when I booked her she had probably not shot my style of photography before. I’m pleased to say she was keen as mustard and happy to try new ideas and concepts. We had a great shoot and I’ve included some of the images below. I often find it’s refreshing to work with a model who has not worked in a particular area before as they often bring along new ideas and suggestions.

Shoot with KatyCee and Iveta

I like working with creative models, but when you get the chance to work with two creative models the shoot steps up another gear and you get work together to get some wonderful, fun and memorable shots. I love working with both these models, they are fun, creative and above all committed to putting in 100% to get great images. Enjoy the shots from this shoot.

Warehouse shoot with Joceline

Below are some of the shots from the last trip I did at the old shoe warehouse with Joceline, I thought you might like to see them.

There is a range of lighting styles used here, from natural daylight to battery powered flash using the Broncolor Mobil 2 kit with either a bare head or with the fresnel spot attachment.

Adreena – TF session

I don’t do many TF (Time For) sessions, about 3 or 4 a year I guess, so I thought I’d post some from a recent TF shoot with Adreena.

Work posted on DeviantArt

The following image titled Desire has been posted on DeviantArt and has been getting loads of views, comments and favs.



Image and comments can be seen here on DeviantArt
http://johntisbury.deviantart.com/art/Desire-181854594 you will need to be a DeviantArt member to view this link, it’s free to join.

Exhibiting at Erotica 2010

It’s that time of year again and I’ll be back at Erotica exhibiting as usual.

Dates are: 19-21 November, 2010
Grand Hall, Olympia, London

0845 2246969

Apart from me, Dita Von Teese will be back this year doing her stage show

Erotica 2010 Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese appearing at Erotica 2010

John, Iveta and Shelly Radley

Erotica stand - John Tisbury Photography

I will have a range of prints for sale, three new books, calendars, as well as taking bookings for Private Commissions, Bodouir shoots, photography tuition sessions and looking after Joceline Brook-Hamilton who will be on the stand for the three days. Joining us on Saturday will be Nikkia.