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When skills combine

I don’t tend to do many TF (Time For) shoots, where both parties give their time for the output, as I often find that the images taken during such sessions are saleable so it makes no commercial sense not to organise the session as a paid shoot in the first instance. However, as ever there are exceptions to that rule and often when it involves trying out equipment, ideas and/or incorporating a lot of suspension bondage work then I opt for TF, providing both parties are in agreement. The time taken to rig and de-rig can limit the content that you can cover during a session, so too fatigue that the model encounters with strenuous ties and positions, so a TF session takes the commercial pressure off the session and allows you to have a free rein.

A model called Gestalta contacted me via Facebook wanting to know if I would like to shoot some shots for her as she does quite a few exhibitions and demonstrations of shibari rigging and did not have any good images of her performances. Trying to get good images during an onstage performance is very difficult as lighting, background and the ability to direct the action are all against you. I’d worked with Gestalta before back in 2009 so she was familiar with my work and I hers, although I was not aware she had become so involved in the rigging and shibari demonstration and exhibition scene. I was happy to go with the TF session as it would be trying out ideas and using rope work extensively throughout the session. For me I’d just had a re-organisation of the studio to give me more width specifically to shoot suspension and want to see how that worked out, as well as shoot some video content for a showreel which I’d not done too well at in the past. I was also keen to expand on one of my underlying themes that I keep returning to of bondage and ballet, a theme I’d first shot with Joceline back in March 2007. Below are some of the images that we took during the session, rigging was a joint affair, or Gestalta or me doing the rigging.

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