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Erotic Photography and Photographer John Tisbury

JADE Magazine Front Cover Image May 2012

This Month’s issue of JADE magazine has been published with one of my images on the the Front Cover – looks great. Image it titled Face-Off and features Iveta as the model. Image it lit with three lights, two more than I usually use! They are all fitted with grids, two on the backdrop and one on the model.

JADE May 2012 John Tisbury cover

JADE May 2012 cover image

Link to a larger PDF version: Jade 90 – May 2012 – john tisbury – cover

JADE Magazine can be found here: http://www.greatnorthernpublishing.co.uk/jade-magazine/jade-contents.html


Lit by 2 Elinchrom softboxes

Implied can be sexy

I set myself a little challenge the other day. I booked a model called Roxy whose maximum levels are implied nude. So armed with this information I wanted to see if I could still shoot around my normal style and still create some erotic, sensual and provocative images. I hope you’ll agree we managed to do this and we had a great session. Most of the images are taken using 1 or 2 Elinchrom softboxes fitted with soft egg crates from Lightools in Canada. Others were taken using ARRI 300 head with a fresnel lens fitted.

John Tisbury Exhibition at The Gallery, Liverpool

A selection of my erotic images can be seen in the Erotic Art Exhibition at The Gallery Liverpool in Liverpool from Friday 28th January to Friday 11th February 2011.

The Gallery Liverpool launches its first ever exhibition of erotic art. The Gallery occupies the entire upper floor of the industrial premises of John O’Keeffe and much of the work in the exhibition is for sale.

The Gallery Liverpool is proud to be working together with IOISIS Pole Dancers & The Association of Erotic Artists. Featuring work from the acclaimed “ photographer to the stars” John Stoddart.

Address – The Courtyard, 41 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE
Private Viewing – Friday 28th January 2011, 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Public viewing – Friday 28th January- Friday 11th February 2011
Times: Mon – Fri 10.00am – 4.30pm Sat 10.00am – 2.00pm Closed: Sundays

For further details, opening times and information:
Telephone: +44 (0) 151 709 2442
Email: arts@thegalleryliverpool.co.uk

Report on the Private Viewing of Erotic Exhibition in Liverpool

by Len Gifford

Firstly the exhibition and work looked stunning. Every part of the gallery was full of vibrant erotic photos, paintings, drawings and sculpture. On arriving at 7:30pm the gallery was already quite full and as the evening progressed it got fuller. I believe the head count on the door was over 380 people and this considering there were very few of the artists or relatives or hangers on you usually get at private views. Also as the bar was one drink free on arrival the rest you paid for, all the people were there for the art not the free drinks. There was also entertainment in the form of live music, pole dancers, burlesque show and me demonstrating life casting.  All this provided a very festive evening. Fiona and Billy who own the gallery were pleased with the results of all their hard work and there were even a few red dots scattered around indicating work was sold. The exhibition goes on to 11th Feb.

Charley G shoot

Charley G is probably better known as a big boobed glamour model, so I knew when I booked her she had probably not shot my style of photography before. I’m pleased to say she was keen as mustard and happy to try new ideas and concepts. We had a great shoot and I’ve included some of the images below. I often find it’s refreshing to work with a model who has not worked in a particular area before as they often bring along new ideas and suggestions.

Shoot with Iveta

I always look forward to working with Iveta as she is without doubt one of the most creative models I’ve had the honour and pleasure to work with. I can count on one hand the models who fit into this category, sadly there’s not many of them. I guess it’s a bit like anyone who is brilliant at what they do, they are a single shinning star in a dark night sky.

Christmas Rush

It seems that many many people want to book an erotic photo session as a Christmas present for their loved one. Over the past 4-6 weeks I’ve had daily calls asking about my boudoir, erotic, fetish and art-nude private commissions. I’m now taking bookings into Jan 2011 as I don’t have any free slots this side of Christmas. This is great news for me, but I know I’ll still get many calls between now and Dec 24th from potential customers who want a shoot before Christmas. If you’re like me and don’t like saying no, a way round this is with any pre-Christmas bookings provide a product they can give to their partner on Christmas Day. The product/package should build anticipation and desire as well as explain what the session consists of. The packaging and presentation are essential, as well as the images, words and general quality and feel of the product. As we know first impressions count, and this will be an important sales tool to help you with that initial impression, I’m going to be providing this product for any of my new bookings where the session is purchased for someone else.

Lighting the Nude book published

A new and updated version of Lighting the Nude book is out and features 11 of my images with supporting lighting diagrams. Picture below courtesy of Amazon
Lighting the nude book Vol 3

Lighting the Nude

Price: £15.49

Product details

Two new books available soon

I’m just towards the end of editing images for two new books that will be available in time for Erotica 2010, the adult lifestyle show in London Olympia at the end of November, 19-21 November. Erotica 2010 link


The first book, titled Triptych, will be a collection of images from a trip to Spain with three models; Iveta, Roswell Ivory and Anita DeBauch. The book will also feature the work of John Evans and Gregory Brown who where the other two photographers on the trip. Each photographer has featured 40 images from the weeks trip making 120 image in total.

Cover of Triptych Book

Triptych book

Triptych book

I will also be updating the popular book of Joceline that I published for last year’s Erotica. This will feature new work that we have done since the initial book was published.

Cover of Joceline Book

Joceline Book

Collaboration – dancer & artist

The second new book, titled Collaboration – dancer & artist, will be a collection of the photographic work I’ve done with KatyCee. She is a wonderful model to work with; I’ve included a few images from the book below:

Erotic Artist of the Year 2010 Award JADE Magazine

I’ve just returned from collecting an award presented by JADE magazine for the Erotic Artist of the Year 2010. It’s a very proud moment for me to have my work recognised and mertied with an award of this stature.

Erotic Artist of the Year Award 2010

The wording on the certificate reads:
The recipient of this year’s award, photographer John Tisbury, has, over recent years developed a unique style of nude art fetish photography which has put him at the forefront of both British and European erotic art. His stunning visual style, with its superb clarity and subtle monochrome contrasts, has continued to enthral and delight both JADE readers and staff alike over the last decade, raising erotic art to such an exceptionally high standard that it is now practically impossible to find his equal in the genre. We can think of no more deserving a recipient; for his dedication to the art form, his creative vision and his superb skill and professionalism.

John Tisbury with his Erotic Artist of the Year 2010 Award

The award itself is rather lovely too, it was commissioned by JADE Magazine and created by Ken Clarke from Body Sculptures. Thank you all those involved, from JADE magazine to the Guild of Erotic Artists who organised and held the award ceremony.