Roxy Love edits

Roxy Love edits – new shots

I thought you would like to see some new Roxy Love edits from a recent shoot with her. When I shoot I tend to move quickly through different ideas and sets. I take up to about 30 shots or so per idea. My feeling is that if you’ve not nailed it by then I think it’s probably not worth flogging a dead horse of an idea. Time to move onto a new idea. 

Below are a few of the range of scenes Roxy Love and I shot over a few hours in my studio. We majored on bondage, but also visited Golden Syrup, oil and water and the ripping of clothing. Golden Syrup is super as it’s very viscous, and therefore slow giving you time to frame and shoot. The downside with it is that it is majority sticky! Roxy needed a shower to clean up before we could move onto a new scene. 

Most of the shots were taken with two strip soft boxes fitted with grids. The bodystocking ripping shot was with a single strip soft box with a white bounce on the other side to soften the shadows a little and give a small amount of fill light.

As I normally do, I took many of the shots from different angles. Some low down and others from high up. The last two shots show these two viewpoints well. 

One thought on “Roxy Love edits

  1. Barry

    John, absolutely great, as always. Good also to include some of the technical details (not just the syrup!) which gives an insight into your methods in achieving your end results. Barry


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