Last 2016 shoot

Last 2016 shoot with Roxy Love

Saturday 31st December marked the last 2016 shoot for me. Thankfully I teamed up with the wonderful Roxy Love who also wanted to end 2016 on a high. 

When we shoot we are pretty relaxed about content and ideas. We each bring along a few things / ideas and see what fits so to speak. I like shooting with Roxy as she’s fun and creative. It’s rare not to get any usable images from an idea we have a go at. We’re also happy to say, ‘this ain’t working’ and move on. There’s no pressure, which is great.  

Edits from our shoot

Below are a few of the edits. We did a series the a bunny girl mask that Roxy brought along with her. It’s a fabulous prop and we produced a good number of ‘keeper’ images from with this set. We did some pegs too! This, as Roxy will testify, did not go quite according to plan. The pegs were small plastic ones and very aggressive in their pinching capabilities. Coupled with hard plastic edges they had a tendency to cut into the flesh and leave some rather nasty little bruises on Roxy’s boobs. Sorry Roxy.

The flour series has been done by many photographers and models alike. I didn’t want to re-do the same technique of throwing flour in the air, it’s been done to death already. So we went down a flour on the body approach, either by spanking it on, or just having it covering Roxy’s body. Here tattoos helped her as it shows off the flour better giving better contrast.

Here’s a a fruitful 2017. We already have a couple of shoot lined up with the 57 Chevy BelAir when the weather is better. I want to do some sexy car mechanic ones in a pin-up style with more erotica built in!

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