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John Tisbury exhibition London late August

John Tisbury exhibition London

I have just finalised discussions with Harmony Adult store in 99a Charing Cross Road, London to display my erotic and fetish photographic work. This is very exciting and a wonderful opportunity to get my work displayed to a wider audience. Harmony have 3 stores in London and like to offer their customers choice and a wide variety of products. This exhibition allows them to display artwork and offer their customers something unique and unusual alongside their existing product lines. The store is well acquainted in its decor and shopfittings, it looks professional, clean and tidy and I’m pleased to have my work displayed there. Most of my work will be displayed downstairs or in the stairwell which gives the opportunity to display large pieces of art.

To begin with the exhibition will run from Monday 25th August, date to be confirmed, for about 2 months and will feature many new works that have not been seen before. There will be a range of framed open and limited edition prints, posters and greetings cards for sale.

John Tisbury exhibition London at Harmony Adult Store, 99a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DP

John Tisbury exhibition London at Harmony Adult Store, 99a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DP

John Tisbury exhibition London at Harmony Adult Store, 99a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DP

Harmony Adult Store, 99a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DP










The store details are:

Harmony Adult Store
99a Charing Cross Road

Exhibition at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

From Sunday 2nd March through to the end of April I will have some of my artwork on display and for sale at Sh! The Women’s Erotic Emporium. It was a pleasure to be asked to exhibit there and I’m pleased to say that my work looks really good surrounded by all the toys and other items of stock. I spent a good couple of hours setting up my display and was well looked after by the team whilst I was there.

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

So what is Sh!?

The first ever female-focussed sex shop in the UK ( and the first boutique-style erotic store too!) Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium was established on 1st April 1992 as an antidote to sleazy sex shops and has since trail blazed the way for the whole of the sex industry to take a giant u-turn in how it views women’s sexuality.

Hailed in the press as “true pioneers” (The Observer Magazine) “ground-breaking” (Time Out) and “the best sex shop for women” (Time Out) , our mission has always been to create a comfortable, welcoming and informative atmosphere for women to browse and buysex toys on line and in our London store, where guys are welcome to visit “as a guest” of a woman.

Our aim is to offer the best selection of female sex toyssourced from around the world. We also design and manufacture our own range of regular and vibratingsilicone dildos, strap on harnesses, bondage andpersonal lubricant that you won’t find anywhere else but in our Online and London stores.

We believe sex toys are just that – TOYS and that’s why you won’t find any sleazy or naff standard sex shop fare such as blow up dolls or porn star dildos at Sh!

We treat all womens’ sexuality as equal; so whether you are single, married, co-habiting or divorced, straight, lesbian or bi, in your 20′s 30′s 40′s 50′ 60′s 70′s or 80′s (our oldest customer so far is 88!) a mother, disabled, a survivor of cancer, like to swing from chandeliers or prefer the missionary position, you’ll always be welcome at Sh!

Service is our top priority. We want women to feel good about their sexuality and the Sh! Girlz are highly trained to be knowledgeable in, and to offer advice about all things relating to sex and sex toys .

We believe that buying a sex toy , whether a vibrator , a dildo or an anal toy , should be an uplifting feel-good experience and that’s why we promise the advice and service we give will always be personal to you.


Store location:
57 Hoxton Square
N1 6HD

Special Achievement Award

Awarded the Special Achievement Award 2013

I’ve been awarded the Special Achievement Award by JADE magazine. As a previous winner of their prestigious Erotic Artist of the Year award in 2010 this is a wonderful honour and surprise.  Below is an extract from the latest edition of JADE, volume 12, issue 108, November 2013.

Special Achievement Award

So far 2013 has been a great year for me, I’ve achieved my Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society which was a great honour and ultimately enjoyable experience, I say ultimately as it was hard graft and involved a lot of deep thinking, never a good thing!

I’ve exhibited my work at more exhibitions this year than I ever have, and managed to secure some exclusive display areas and partnerships that I’m very proud to work with.

I also launched my own member’s pay-to-view website which features more explicit video and stills content which is 100% exclusive and all shot, filmed and edited by me.

What next?

Well it’s more of the same in as much as I will be continuing to do what I do best from an artistic and creative perspective with my photography and cinematography. Work with new and existing models to push boundaries and explore new creative ideas.

Market and promote my work to expand my audience whilst acknowledging and responding to my current customer base and loyal collectors of my work.

Erotica 2013

Erotica 2013 – Tobacco Docks, London

Erotica 2012 was cancelled and when the 2013 dates were announced a new venue was also chosen to host the event. Olympia had been the previous venue and had perhaps been getting a little too large because the show in recent years had started to reduce in size. My first Erotica event was in 2007 and I’d booked every year since, so it seemed strange to not exhibit in 2012.

Tobacco Docks

The new venue certainly looked good-looking at the picture on their website, but would it be any good for Erotica? I normally booked for the following year whilst still at the previous show, this also gave exhibitors a discount on the pitch prices.  For 2013 the prices had gone up and any discounts had been removed. With this in mind I decided to book a 7 metre linear pitch in the art gallery area, since in previous years I’d always gone with 10 linear metres. Because this was a new venue and I was not sure how people would take to it and the price per linear metre had risen to £180 ex VAT per linear metre I decided to cut my exposure to risk by reducing the linear metreage.

I found the parking and unloading so much easier than in Olympia, I parked the car in the car park and used a trolley to move my stock between the car and venue, very easy indeed. At Olympia you had to park in the road, unload no matter what the weather was doing, trolley in past commuters and then go back to move your car into the car park. This had to be done in reverse at the end of the show.

Below are some 7 second Vine videos of my stand, setting up and various shots I took over the weekend.


For me the show was a great success in many ways, I met many of my customers and friends and it was good to catch up with them and chat about what they had done and how their print collections were building. I met many new customers and had loads of enquiries, so I’m pleased I took the plunge and booked. The Art Gallery area was certainly smaller than in previous years and hopefully in 2014 it will have a few more artists to decided like me to take the risk and book.

Erotica 2014

Erotica 2014 3-5th October, Tobacco Docks, London.


How to hang artwork

How I hang my artwork

Today I went to The Strand Gallery, London, WC2N 6BP to hang my artwork for an exhibition starting tomorrow 1st October 2013 which runs until 12th October 2013.

The Strand Gallery, London


I thought that some people may find the following ‘how-to’ article useful on how I approached hanging my work.


Having decided what images I was going to display I then needed to consider whether I was going to do an open series of prints or a limited edition run. I thought that because it was a gallery display that a limited edition range would be a better option and I limited the print run to 5 prints per image. Small run limited edition prints hold more value, however they need to well presented and framed to make sure that the purchaser feels they have purchased something a bit special and strictly limited.

I asked my framer to frame them for me, as he does a better job that I ever would do. Framing is a key stage as images that are poorly framed or don’t have enough space to breath within the frame will put potential customers off. The frame choice needs to be one that is not too ornate and of a colour that will blend or match with most decor. White mount board and a black frame meet these criteria perfectly and will blend with almost all other colours.

Whilst the prints were getting framed I made up the certificates of authenticity and the price labels as well as a biography for the wall.

Certificates of authenticity

My biography

My biography

Close up of certificate

Close up of certificate, note the debossing brand

Hanging the work

I have paid for a 3 metre run to hang my work. The biggest mistake many people make is to overfill the wall with art and not give it enough space to breath. Then there’s the look of the overall display, is should look balanced so you need to consider how you are going to hang your pieces or work, in which order and how they will be spaced along the wall. I had 8 pieces, so I did laid each piece of work against the wall in the order I wanted them to appear.

I measured up when I arrived and I found I had 3750mm to play with, so slightly more than I ordered – perfect. I then hammered two nails, one at either side of my run and attached a piece of string horizontally between the two nails to act as a level, I put this about eye level. I then added together the width of each piece of artwork and then took that total away from my overall dimension. I then divided that figure by the number of pieces of work to calculate the gap between each piece. You can see my workings out below. I had 143mm between each piece of work, based on having 5 vertical lines of art, see pictures below.

My calculations for hanging my work

My calculations for hanging my work

Next step was to find the middle of the wall, which was 1875mm and mark that on the string. From there it was a simple task of marking the width of each print together with the 143mm gap between each one along the string. Because I had 5 vertical rows of prints I started from the middle and worked outwards. To hang the prints I use picture hooks and nails, these are very good as the nails go in at an angle and support the weight of the frames. I used the ones with two pins, and to make doubly sure, use two hooks per picture. This has the added benefit of stopping the frames from tilting and sitting unevenly on the wall which means you don’t have to continually keep straightening them!

Picture hooks with two pins

Picture hooks with two pins

Work in progress below, starting from the middle and working outwards. You can see the double picture hook hanging method to the right of the image below.

Starting from the middle and working outwards

Starting from the middle and working outwards

The finished display

The finished display

Here’s a quick 7 second video of the finished display.

Exhibition at The Strand Gallery, London

Update: 30th Sept, the exhibition has been extended for a further week and will now run until Saturday 12th October.

My next exhibition of work is on 1st – 12th October 2013 at The Strand Gallery, London.

Below are some of the pieces that will be available for sale as strictly limited edition framed prints.

If you look carefully you can see me taking photos on my iPhone for this article! LOL

IMG_1388 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1385 IMG_1389 IMG_1391 IMG_1392

Address is: 32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6BP | 0207 839 4942

Guest Speaker at Eroticon2013


I’ve just returned from giving a talk at Eroticon2013 entitled ‘What makes a good erotic photograph’. My session lasted an hour and I have to say I really enjoyed the talk. Although I’m a qualified trainer and used to standing up in front of groups, you never know how a new talk is going to go down. I pulled the content together for this presentation over a couple of weeks adding some of my new work which had not been seen before. Although the session was titled ‘What Makes a good erotic photograph’ I also wanted to include some content about how I work with models and how to develop creativity and ideas. So these themes were entwined throughout the talk. The conference is mainly targeted at writers and publishers however many of the delegates take photographs to illustrate their work or would like to get more into photography.

I attended the two sessions that preceded mine so I could see how the room worked and I’m glad I did as I did pick up some new things and bits of information from both the speakers which I thought were good ideas.

I had 15 mins to setup and and thankfully technology behaved itself, even though I had to start by re-booting the PC laptop we were all using to present from. Once it had re-booted it was fine, I’m not surprised it complained as my PowerPoint was 305meg in size with all the images in it. I was also using a wireless laser pointer and clicker for the first time, which allowed me freedom from the keyboard to advance the slides in the presentation and to use the laser to highlight particular areas on an image I was talking about.  I’ve seen them used before and always wanted one as it makes your presentation a little slicker and allows you to move away from the perceived safety of standing behind the lectern or laptop.

Primed, loaded and ready for the off

Primed, loaded and ready for the off

My session stated at 12:30pm and from the off I encouraged questions as we went along and there were some great questions from a thoughtful and well-informed audience. I showed just over 90 of my images which I projected. The room at the venue was super, it was in the basement, which did make me snigger as I thought of a dungeon and all those rope, chains and bondage, my images fitted the scene perfectly I thought. Thank you to Ruby who organised the event and I’m hoping there is a demand for more in the future.

20 Ways to Develop Creativity – handout - handout from session

Link to Eroticon2013

2 new books feature my photography work

Two new books available featuring my photography

Just released are two new books, both of which feature my photography along with other leading photographers from around the world.

The Best of International Nudes Photography III

NUDES3: The Best Of International Nudes Photography III collects the best of
contemporary nudes photography on ca. 700 packed pages. The book showcases a
wealth of new material, and a great variety of different approaches and aesthetics.

From the tastefully restrained to the straightforwardly erotic – NUDES3 presents the
entire range of current nudes photography.

Best of Nudes Vol 3


Format: 125 mm x 125 mm
ca. 700 pages, ca. 600 images
HC, with padding
ISBN 978-3-939998-82-2
Available here

Fetish Fantasies

This lavish collection takes you on an exciting journey into the realm of the imagination. In “Fetish Fantasies” numerous prestigious photographers from all around the globe present their own interpretation of fetish photography. Regardless if it’s BDSM, leather and lace, roleplay or romantic glorification – the imagination knows no boundaries. The result is an exciting and inspiring visual trip that proves that imagination is the foundation of all eroticism.

- An exciting journey into the realm of the imagination
- Cutting-edge photography
- Lavish, glossy, comprehensive
- Daring, erotic, challenging

Fetish Fantasies

Format: 125 x 125 mm
ISBN 978-3-939998-77-8
672 Pages, ca. 1 Kg
HC, with Padding
Available here

Invitation to enter work into 2 USA exhibitions

Exhibitions 2013

I’ve just heard that I’ve been invited to submit 3 pieces of my art into 2 exhibitions that are happening in 2013 in the USA. I put forward 4 pieces and thankfully they have selected 3 to put into the exhibition, all pieces will be for sale.

About the exhibitions

2nd Annual 12 Inches of Sin Exhibition, Las Vegas

12″ of Sin features sophisticated, intelligent and clever artworks from around the world for its juried exhibition. The exhibition explores the variety of subjects and themes with elegance and modern innovation, through a variety of work no larger than 12” (inches) square. This design competition compresses the exhibition boundaries while expanding artistic challenge. More here: 12″ of Sin

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché, Las Vegas & San Francisco

This exhibition also runs in Las Vegas and San Fransisco. More here: 12″ of Sin