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I mostly hate Helmut Newton by Roswell Ivory

I mostly hate Helmut Newton by Roswell Ivory

Roswell Ivory, a model I’ve worked with a number of times, contacted me to ask if she could use some of my images. She was writing a blog article about Helmut Newton. Her article would be about his work and her stance was that she mostly hated his work! I was happy to say yes to image usage and let her choose the images she wanted. I was intrigued to see what she would write and therefore how she would support her argument about not liking a lot of his work. As a result of reading her article I’ve come to re-considered some of his work again. The examples Roswell uses to illustrate her point are well founded and thought provoking.  

Read Roswell’s article on her blog: (offsite link)

Committing heresy: I (mostly) hate Helmut Newton