Completed Pregnancy Projects

Pregnancy Triptych

Pregnancy Projects

We've had the opportunity to photograph women in their full bloom of pregnancy. We tend to capture things a little differently, depending on the customer, so if you want something a little different.

The main banner shot is a part of a triptych we shot for the concept of egg fertilisation through to producing breast milk.

We love to shoot more obsure and visually intriguing projects, although we are equally happy producing a classic range of maternity photographs if that's what you would prefer. The shoot is for you, so it' important we capture what you like - rather than what we want you to have!

Pegs and cuffs

Pegs & cuffs

An erotic and fetish pregnancy image for those who like a bit of kink.

Pregnant seated

Classic pregnancy

A classic traditional pregnancy image with wonderful lighting to capture the mood.

Pregnancy Curves

Pregnancy Curves

A sensual and classy pregnancy image.

Pregnant profile

Pregnant profile

A three quarter side view with light glancing onto the baby bump.

Pregnant bondage

Pregnant bondage

We've done many pregnancy bondage shoots now. May not be everyone's choice, but we do love to do them as they are very different. Safety before art is the key here. All future mums and partners were delighted with their photos.

Pregnant silhouette

Pregnant silouette

The lighting in this shot really emphasises the shape and form of the curves.