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Small Group Workshops


John is running more of his ever popular small group workshops. These workshops are designed for up to 4 photographers and will allow delegates time to learn lighting skills and techniques, how to work with models, give direction whilst ensuring the shot is properly lit and exposed. If you want to learn how to shoot Erotica and Art nude then this is the workshop to attend.


Being a professional trainer John knows that those who attend workshops often have mixed feelings; there's the excitement about the event but often mixed with doubts and worries about being put on the spot. John's relaxed and friendly approach ensures that you enjoy the event and whilst he may push your comfort levels he will do it in a way that leaves you pleased he did!

Each workshop has lunch provided by Jill, John's wife, who loves to entertain and does her best to ensure delegates enjoy their food as much as they enjoy their photography.

Workshops are held as John's photography studio in Rushden, Northamptonshire. The studio was custom built and has plenty of equipment and materials to play with. Below is a list of some of the equipment you have the opportunity to use:

  • Elinchrom studio flash heads x 6
  • Broncolor ringflash x 1
  • ARRI Fresnel constant lighting x 3
  • IKAN LED lighting x 3
  • Broncolor Mobil 2 kit x 1
  • Elinchrom 6ft Octa Softbox x 1
  • Elinchrom 6ft Recta softboxes x 2
  • Elinchrom 130x50 softboxes x 2
  • Lighttools soft egg grids x 2
  • Flats, reflectors (various)
  • Grids, barndoors (various)
  • Umbrellas, snoots (various)
  • Backdrop system and rolls
  • Plenty of props & accessories for models and photographers
  • Nikon D3, D7000, D810 x2
  • Range of pro lenses from primes to zooms

'Thanks for a most enjoyable day yesterday. The catering was superb. I am most appreciative of you fixing my camera screen John'. Mick

'Just a quick note to thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was very, very useful and I learnt a huge amount that will certainly help me to develop my personal skills. I thought your teaching skill and style were exceptional, the course content, pace and the way that you organised everything was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Please also thank your wife for the excellent dinner and I have to say your overall package is far superior to anything that I have been to before. (I have been to workshops with some very well known people in the past)'. Peter




Shooting Erotica and Art Nude Workshop

Who should attend:

This session is aimed at photographers who would like to shoot erotica and / or art nude. The session aims to help new and improving photographers add to their existing studio skills and knowledge. If you are comfortable setting your camera to manual and triggering a studio flash head then this session will take you to the next stage. There will be a refresher session to ensure everyone starts at the same level of knowledge.

Session contents:

  • A re-cap on the basics
  • Exploring different types of light; hard, soft, direct, indirect
  • Exploring different types of studio light, flash, constant, ringflash
  • Using more than one light
  • Directing and working with models
  • Exploring erotic poses and lighting
  • Exploring art nude poses and lighting
  • Full-time professional model working to full frontal nude
  • 10:00am - 5:30pm
  • Lunch and all beverages included
  • Held at my studio in Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10

Next session:

Saturday 16th April 2016 - fully booked
Number of delegates: 4
Cost: £250 per person

Throughout the day you will have plenty of chance to practise and review yours and other people's shots. John will set re-cap exercises and group activities to help cement the knowledge gained during the session.

The day will cover studio flash and John will take you through a few of his lighting setups, plus give you loads of hints and tips along the way. Your model for the day will be a full-time professional model who will be one of the UK's top art-nude models who works with John on a regular basis and is used to modelling at his training sessions.

What to bring: A camera that can be put into Manual Mode and has a hotshoe. A lens that covers a range of around 24-70mm, memory cards, spare batteries. A laptop is entirely optional. We have Wi-Fi and a hard-wired internet connection in the studio.

The boring bit: Terms and Conditions



'I wanted to thank you for an awesome session at the weekend. Although I felt I was not as experienced as the other guys! I did pick-up loads of info to get me properly started in Studio photography so thank you so much for that! …and could you please pass on my thanks to Jill also for the wonderful food'. Rik

Broncolor ringflash


'It has been a week now since the workshop, it was a fantastic day and the knowledge and your advice has been slowly but surely filtering in, and still is. Thanks again for a tremendous day, I had a great shoot the next day thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm I got from the day with a master. Look forward to working again with you one day in the future. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your fabulous model'. Roy