Completed Fetish Projects

Crop and bum

Fetish Projects

Fetish is such a wide and varied subject area. There's a fetish for most things in life, from humans made into pieces of furniture to popping balloons, there's a whole gammet of content.

We shoot a lot of fetish content, from bondage to restaints, spanking to roleplay.

If you fancy something a bit different or want to capture your fetish then get in touch. With your style and your content we will make memorable images!

Pull on the clamps

Pull on the clamps/h2>

Nipple clamps and great lighting make for an atmospheric image.

Bunny in bed

Bunny in bed

Models and customers turn up with props, so we use them in the shoot.



Often less is more and tells a story.

Bondage and ballet

Bondage on pointe

A partial suspension tie leads to exciting opportunities for creativity.

Chest and groin harness

Chest and goin bondage

We love telling stories through a moment captured in time. What is happening here, let your mind wander.

Your rope sir

Your rope sir

This was one of the images that made up my successful Fellowship panel to the Royal Photographic Society.