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Q. How will I know how to pose?

John will direct you all the way through the shoot - so don't worry if you've never done anything like this before. Within 20 minutes or so you will be relaxed and loving every minute of it. You will find the session is fun but can be quite tiring because of all the stretching and posing involved. You may gain a new respect for full-time model.

Q. I haven't got a model's figure, can you make me look sexy? John has photographed ladies from 18 to 60 years of age and from size 6 upwards. It's all about the positioning of your body and accentuating those parts of your body you like to make the best image possible. You will be thrilled and delighted to see with what careful lighting, posing and props can do.
Q. Do you "airbrush" the photographs?

John can do as much or as little retouching to your chosen images as you require. Most people have the odd spot, skin mark or crease and other such imperfections which will be removed. This is included within your fee.

More extensive airbrushing can be done to cover up scars, stretch marks, tattoos, thin hips and arms, reduce thighs and soften skin, this is charged on an image by image basis at £40per hour. John can advise on the costs once you have chosen you images.

Q. Do you work evenings and weekends?

Absolutely, in fact we only work evenings and weekends by popular demand.
Q. Some of your images look very erotic - do I have to be so raunchy? You set your own comfort levels and we discuss what types of images and the look and feel. It's entirely up to you, quite often less is more in terms of showing flesh. Leaving things to the imagination is so much more powerful.
Q. I want to have some explicit photos taken, will you do that? Absolutely, if you want some bondage or BDSM images or something a little more explicit then we can cater for that too. Providing it's legal we can normally photograph it. That's the beauty of the session, it's about what you want not what we want.
Q. How many changes of outfit can I fit in? Bring along things you like to wear, things that you love and perhaps feel sexy in. John will have a chat to discuss what to wear with what and you are more than welcome to make use of our extensive range of corsets, shoes, lingerie, bondage bits and bobs, you will be amazed what we have in our toy cupboard.
Q. Can I bring someone with me? My all means if you would like to, some people like to come on their own whilst others want to share the experience and give moral support. We don't mind either way so long as you only bring along one person with you. They can be very supportive and if it's your partner quite often suggest looks and poses that you both want.
Q. Who will be in the studio during the shoot? Only John (and our makeup artist if you choose to book one) will be in the studio with you, along with anyone you choose to bring.
Q. I'm having trouble sorting out child care; can I bring my child with me to the shoot? I'm afraid no, due to the nature of the content and mature nature of the day this is not possible. No-one under that age of 18 is allowed in the studio during a shoot, to protect us and you.
Q. Do you do hair and make-up? We can arrange for a hair stylist and make-up artist to look after you on the day. They will do a wonderful job of making you look fabulous, the amount of our customers who choose to keep their make-up and hair style as they leave us to go out for the evening is a mark of how much they like the end result.
Q. Where do I get changed? We have a discreet area in the studio where you can get changed and leave your things.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book?


We can occasionally squeeze in the odd session at very short notice, however generally we have a 4 - 8 week waiting list.

Q. Do I need to pay anything when I book? We request a deposit of £50 with your booking, this can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer. The session costs £350, which includes £150 credit towards product. The balance of £300 is payable on the day of your shoot.
Q. Can I buy the high-resolution files from my shoot so I can print my own pictures? We never release any high-resolution files and retain the copyright for all the images taken. We've taken time to source suppliers who produce high quality repeatable results and all the equipment we use is of a professional standard and is colour calibrated to ensure consistency and quality. We don't want to damage our reputation through poor quality prints or images so we maintain strict control over everything we sell.
Q. Do you keep my images?

Yes, we never throw our customer's images away and will store them. If in 2 years time you decide to purchase another print they we can supply it.

Q. Do you use my images elsewhere? All the images taken during the session are for your eyes only. We don't publish or display them anywhere else. If we wished to use an image for our marketing purposes we would ask your permission beforehand.
Q. Are there any important things I should know?

Wear loose fitting clothing on the journey to us, marks from tight fitting clothing can take 1 to 2 hours to disappear.
Bring along some shots, images or ideas of the type of thing you would like to do. Do feel free to use my website galleries for ideas too!

Q. What order do you shoot things in? If you wanted some nude or implied nude shots then we do these first. Once you've worn a corset or a tight fitting dress then there are normally too many skin marks to do nude work without leaving lots of lines and creases, these can take up to 2 hours to disappear.
Q. How long does my session last? We don't put a time on it, you are the only client that will be booked in for that day, we don't believe in a production line approach. Generally sessions last for at least 4 hours, longer if you are having your hair and make-up done my us.
Still got a question? Then please contact us