Time-lapse trials and tribulations

YouTube Time-lapse trials and tribulations video

I’ve just uploaded a new YouTube video which covers a time-lapse sequences. It also takes you through the time-lapse trials and tribulations that I went through to capture it.  3 goes to get it as it happens.

This was shot whilst I was in Wales in May 2018. It’s interesting to see the different weather conditions over the course of a few days on this video. In the video I cover the equipment I used to capture the time-lapse.

I’m still getting used to the iFootage equipment. The good thing about being on holiday is you get lots of practise over a very short space of time. So plenty of repetition and the ability to change or re-do things if the first attempt does not come up to scratch. I had a lot of that over this holiday! 

Capturing the image is only half of the process. I needed to learn the post processing workflow too. Thank fully YouTube is your friend here.  I ended up watching loads of different videos from people who shared their knowledge and information about how they captured and produced their time-lapses. 

I will cover the post production steps I take in another video so the duration is not too long for each video. This one is 10 minutes in duration which is about right for most people. 


CR427 Cobra Replica

YouTube video CR427 Cobra Replica

Pop over to my YouTube channel and see the just released video about a CR427 Cobra replica. It is a brief glimpse, 5 mins of brief,  into the car and it’s history. Ordered in 1997 and completed at the end of 1999. The video covers some of the details about the car, as well as some footage of it being driven. Hearing a V8 on song is a wonderful sound. There’s some great sequences with the car on hard acceleration or driving by the camera position. 

The car is very faithful to the original road cars, with rear entry exhausts, rather than the more popular side exhausts. The kit is from a company called Crendon, borne from the vision of John Kerr. 

Crendon Cobra

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/1c1iKowk5SA

Finished in Guardsman blue with the white skink stripes, as per the originals. At first glance, to the uninitiated it looks like an original. It’s often the first question people ask me. It was the second kit car I ever built, and the last one.

I would have loved to build a GT40, but they are a little more impractical and the kit I wanted to purchase would have set me back £60K back in 1999! 

how to make a Camera obscura

Camera Obscura make your own

John shows you how to make a camera obscura or pinhole camera. John shows you how he converts his studio into a darkened room (camera obscura). Then open a small hole in the blackout material to act as a rudimentary lens. The light then floods into the room and displays the outside in realtime in the room. The results are spectacular and captivating.

camera obscura in my studio

Link to my YouTube video: https://youtu.be/e4kYWgkPSLM

You get to see inside a camera!

Where can I see one working in the UK?

There are many camera obscure’s around the world. In the UK there’s around 10 working examples:

1. Brighton/Hove, England

2. Lacock, England (future page) Talbot Museum and Lacock Abbey

3. Bristol, England

4. Aberystwyth, Wales

5. Douglas, Isle of Man

6. Dumfries, Scotland

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

8. Bradford, England, Museum of Photography, Film, and Television

9. London, England, Museum of the Moving Image

10. Greenwich, England

and of course, there’s one in my studio, but you’ve seen that now!


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Single studio light setup photography

Brand new YouTube video single studio light setup

Charley Green joins me and we talk through 5 common lighting patterns for a single studio light setup.  Together we show you the setups and what the images will look like using this setup which takes that guess work out for you.

Extract from YouTube’s description for the video:

Today we’re going to talk through single studio light setup and show you 5 different lighting patterns. We discuss and show the characteristics of those patterns and what they are good for. I spend a lot of my time in the studio using just the one light. So I thought it would be useful to walk you through the 5 most common setups for a single light.

These 5 lighting patterns are:

• Flat lighting

• Butterfly lighting

• Loop lighting

• Rembrandt lighting

• Split lighting

To make it easier for you to see the differences between each pattern on the video we’re going to use a hard light source to emphasise the contrast between the highlight to shadow areas on Charley’s face. So bare that in-mind. These patterns work equally well with softer diffused light as well as adding bounces and reflectors to soften the shadows. Lighting equipment used in this video: *ARRI* 650 watt tungsten fresnel lens

My YouTube Channel

You can fine my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/johntisbury


Latest YouTube video

Latest YouTube video now live

I’ve just uploaded my latest YouTube video to my channel.  It’s a explanation of the equipment I use to record my YouTube videos.  This gear is mainly used when shooting videos in my studio or in the edit suite. It’s not very mobile, in fact it’s not at all mobile!

Mobility is an area to investigate for the future. I’m unable to do ‘run and gun’ type VLOG videos at present. My equipment is all manual focus, too heavy and not portable. I’ve been looking at the Sony AR7 III so will let you know how that pans out.

I’m adapting my GoPro Hero6 to bring that into action. This will be a temporary measure I think. I need to improve the sound capture as the internal microphone is very poor leading to poor audio on the video. Once you’ve captured poor sound there’s no real way to fix it. 

Link to the YouTube video: https://goo.gl/R5adrF

Latest YouTube video - my youtube video setup

List of gear I use

Many people like to know what gear and equipment others use. So here’s my list with relevant links to products on Amazon.  Some items are discontinued or have been replaced by newer models. Therefore I’ve only given links current items at the time of this post. 


Nikon D810 DSLR full frame sensor cameras x 2
Running at 1080p 24 FPS, F5.6 as ISO 400

Samyang T1.5 85mm

Samyang T1.5 50mm lenses, manual focus

Sennheiser MKE400 shotgun microphones on cameras x 2

Zacuto EVF, Follow Focus and Quick Release plate, flexible arm

Manfrotto video tripods and 501HDV heads x 2

Manfrotto Xpro monopod with swivel foot & video head


IKAN LED 1000 x 2
IKAN LED 500 x 1


Audio Technica AT897 shotgun microphone on overhead boom stand

ZOOM H4n audio recorder

Sound Devices MixPre-D compact field mixer


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Copyright infringement wasting time

Copyright infringement wasting time

I spend so much of my time reporting copyright infringement of my work it takes the joy out of creating art in the first place! 

Yesterday a contact messaged my via Facebook Messenger to let me know they had seen one of my images on Pinterest. This is not unusual, however in this case it was a piece of work that had been ‘adapted’ and was being sold via various websites. The artist in question is from Poland and had uploaded my artwork to various websites that sell merchandise. Cheeky bugger!

Below are the 2 images of mine that have been stolen.

This is where and how they appeared on various websites.

Are they mine?

I thought I’d do a quick comparison to check and confirm the infringement.

Both images have been flipped horizontal. This fools the image checking tools like https://www.tineye.com as they don’t recognise the flipped image.

I flipped it back and then placed it over the top of my original, and as I expected, it’s a direct lift of my work, in both cases.

DMCA Process

As an artist you have to follow a time consuming process of filing a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notice. This is okay for a one-off image, but I didn’t know how many images this person had stolen. The matter was compounded due to the online stores where he was selling these works had 100+ images of his, in various product options. This meant I have to wade 900 products on one website to identify if any of them were mine.

As it was, I did find another image that he’d stolen. I then had to repeat this process over 6 additional websites where he also had uploaded work for sale. The whole search activity took me 3 hours to complete. 

Once the URLs of the offending images have been located, the DMCA form can be completed. The rub is, to prove the image is yours, you have to have a copy of your own work online somewhere. Without this you are unable to report the theft of your own work. It’s no good it being on a website that’s a members only area like a photography portfolio site. Iit has to be somewhere that anyone can get access to.

It’s like having your car stolen, upon reporting it they want to see a photo of you with your car so they know its yours.  The onus is on the copyright holder to confirm ownership, not the person who stole it. The fact I have the original RAW file on my hard disc with the date, time and unique filename. I have a copy of the signed model release. All of this is irrelevant. All they want is a copy online somewhere! It’s a joke. I’ve just re-vamped my website and removed many of my images, one of the ones in question was one that didn’t make the new look website. So now I’ve uploaded it here on this blog post.

It’s the principle

Stealing is stealing. Creative theft is nothing new, and digital makes it easier. My work has been online for over 20 years now, so there’s quite a lot of ‘stolen’ versions of my work out there. Most often people let me know about, even before I stumble across it. 

I filled 3 DMCA takedown notices, 2 have been successful, the 3rd is questioning some information which I’ve responded with. So hopefully that will also be resolved.




Scarlot Rose images

New Scarlot Rose images

Scarlot Rose with rope

Brand new images from a recent shoot with Scarlot Rose. We concentrated on a shooting fetish and erotica content over a 5 hour session. We changed setups frequently and targeted to get 1 to 3 images per setup. Customers can purchase these as prints. The images will also be used for exhibitions and promotion across social media (where allowed!). 

In the gallery below are some of the edited images. There’s still a few more to edit, which means more new images to see! However, I thought you’d like to see how we got on and the images that we produced. 

Scarlot is very adept at tying so she put her skills to good use and tied all of the Shibari bondage that you see here. For me this was ideal as it allowed time to set everything up whilst she was producing the tie. 

Gallery of Scarlot Rose

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How to fold up a pop up backdrop

New video launched, how to fold up a pop up backdrop and reflector

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a new video showing how to fold up a pop up backdrop or reflector. You know the ones which often defy the laws of physics and have a mind of their own. This technique is easy to master and makes you fold up like a pro.

There’s two parts to the video. The first part shows how to fold a 4′ circular pop up reflector, which is fairly straightforward. Then we move onto how to fold the larger 8′ x 4′ backdrops / reflectors. These are a little trickier as they are larger and perhaps a little more unwieldy. However, with the right technique they can very quickly be tamed and put in their storage bag.

Video duration is 3:44 in length, so not too long. It shows you a couple of examples of each technique and then a slow motion sequence for each type of backdrop too. I know, I know, I spoil you.

My YouTube channel

Do drop by and have a look at my YouTube channel. I’ve been adding content to it over the last couple of weeks and plan to do a regular weekly update. I’ve written a blog post about what I plan to upload and concentrate on so rather than repeat that here, here’s a link to that article

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I’ve recently set up a Patronage page for my art. The page is on a website Patreon.com where likeminded creators and supports of art come together and work together. This article explains how to become a Patron and what benefits you get from supporting my art.

I’ve uploaded my introduction video for Patreon. It’s a 2 minute video which explains what Patreon is and the benefit to you if you support me by becoming a patron. It covers some of the rewards available to patrons and gives a few samples of my work.
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